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Leadership Development

This course takes on an innovative approach to effective leadership based on the ability to connect with and to inspire others. The goal of this course is to give the audience greater insight as to who they are, how they project to others as a leader, and what steps they can take to enhance their leadership skills and lead teams to success. This course will define new ways to inspire excellence and productivity in individuals and build unstoppable teams.


Body Language for Business Professionals (*)

This course is designed for any company that deals with people. The ability of your staff to recognize and understand the nonverbal cues of your customers, and to send the appropriate proactive nonverbal signals, are critical components of success for any business. Companies are losing millions of dollars in business every year due to a lack of understanding and training in this area. In this competitive business environment, you can’t afford to dismiss the science behind nonverbal communication. This dynamic highly acclaimed course will open your eyes to a virtual superpower, which can explode your business potential.

Communication Skills

This course is designed to enhance and develop one’s communication skills both in business and in personal interactions. This is the perfect course for those looking to enhance their relationship building skills through effective and impactful communication. Effective communication is a learned skill that every individual and business can use to their advantage.


Persuasion and Influence

This course will provide the attendee a strong understanding of persuasion and influence tactics which are essential to success in business and in life. The ability to persuade and influence others is a power that will allow you to soar in business and can greatly enhance your personal life as well.

Negotiation Tactics

Nearly everything in life involves a negotiation of some sort and this course will help define the characteristics needed to make the deal. This course is designed to help people understand the dynamics of negotiation while helping you build the skills needed to be an outstanding negotiator.


Conflict Management
and Resolution

Conflict is everywhere in society, and can be quite destructive, especially in business. Conflict avoidance, management and resolution techniques can change the dynamic in this arena and play a major role in keeping your business running more smoothly.

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“I was able to hear Terry speak at a Raleigh Chamber of Commerce event and was very impressed with what I learned in just one hour. I truly wanted to hear more!! Terry is very professional and captivates his audience from the very beginning. I am more than excited to learn that he now offers half and full-day clinics, sign me up!!
— Claudia Wooten-Outlaw, Sales Manager, The Blockade Runner, Wrightsville Beach, N.C.
I highly recommend Mr. Beckstrom for corporate training. He is a master trainer in non-verbal and verbal communications!
— Robert A. Goldfinger Global Expert Financial Crimes BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
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“I had the opportunity to work with Terry where he provided training to law enforcement officers at our college. Terry is a dynamic instructor and the training was superb! The post-class evaluations were ALL ‘outstanding’, and we have invited Terry to develop and teach more classes in 2018, and look forward to a long and productive relationship with Terry and his company”.
— Joyce Vaughan, Law Enforcement Instruction Coordinator, Wake Technical College, Raleigh, N.C.
Terry’s training is eye-opening and invaluable for everyone from the C-suite to interns. The knowledge gained will make your organization stronger, and the EQ skills will enhance your business and personal relationships. You will never look at the world the same way again.
— David Chenkin, Esq Partner Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP New York, New York