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Body Language

PeopleSkilz - Body Language and Nonverbal Communication for Business Professionals is the quintessential course for anyone who deals with people.

The course is perfect for individuals who work in sales or customer service, or anyone who wants to achieve success with people in business applications, and in life.

Attendees will learn how to interpret the nonverbal signals of those around them, and also learn incredible techniques  to deliver appropriate  proactive messaging signals, allowing you to significantly enhance your success, and ability to connect with others.

Discovder for yourself why attendees are calling the training "amazing, eye opening", and even some classifying the training as "the best training they have ever received". 

Author and nonverbal communications expert Terry Beckstrom delivers a powerful, dynamic, fun and information packed seminar that will leave you on the edge of your seats!

If you only attend one training event in 2018, THIS IS THE ONE!

Body Language

Having a strong understanding of body language and people reading is essential in today’s competitive business environment. The ability to interpret subtle emotional cues and to project your own nonverbal signals can significantly increase one’s success in the business world. This amazing and dynamic course will give you all the tools necessary to succeed.

Communication Skills

This course is designed to enhance and develop ones communication skills both in business and in personal interactions. This is the perfect course for those looking to enhance their relationship building skills through effective and impactful communication.

Threat Recognition

Recognizing a threat  before it can harm someone in today's modern world is a difficult task. With our Threat Recognition course this difficult task will become instinctive. Although primarily designed for law enforcement, military and security personal, this course is essential for all business professionals. The course focuses on developing your sensory awareness, critical thinking skills, and behavioral recognition.

Negotiation Tactics

Nearly everything in life involves a negotiation of some sort and this course will help define the characteristics needed to make the deal. This course is designed to help people understand the dynamics of negotiatio,n while helping you build the skills needed to be an effective negotiator.

Leadership Development

This course takes on an innovative approach to effective leadership based on the ability to connect with and inspire others. The goal of this course is to give the audience greater insight as to who they truly are, and how they project to others as a leader. This coarse will define new ways to inspire excellence and productivity in others.

Interview Techniques 

This course, designed primarily for law enforcement, is for those aiming to expand their arsenal of interview tactics. The course will focus on rapport centered interview techniques, and the use of nonverbal communication tactics in order to create a highly successful interview experience. Attendees will learn critical rapport building, positioning and orientation techniques, and the artful practice of persuasion.

Your discussion of nonverbal communication and body language and how it plays into our daily interactions and lives was truly wonderful.
— Training Session Attendee