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At a time when everyone seems to be concentrating their ‘security efforts’ on cyber and data security, we at The Beckstrom Group  concentrate our efforts on what we believe to be of far greater importance, the security of people!

There is no facility where security and security awareness cannot be improved. Let us show you where.
— Terry Beckstrom


Who We Service

Corporate | retail | hospitality | schools and universities | houses of worship | medical and long term care facilities | day care 

 commercial and private aviation | commercial and private maritime | entertainment | events | government | travel and tourism

What is a threat assessment?

The purpose of a threat assessment is to evaluate your current security profile and identify security vulnerabilities within your organization. The primary objective is to reduce the risks for a critical incident i.e. (active shooter, terrorism event, workplace violence, facility breaches, insider threats, planned attacks, hostage situations, random violence, disgruntled employee, etc.). A security threat assessment will evaluate the threat environment, identify risk factors and weaknesses, and make recommendations to mitigate the risk, or harden the target as we say.

Why is a threat assessment important, and why should your organization strongly consider having one?

This is an easy response. Criminals look for soft targets, and we live in an era of vastly increasing security risks. It is a common practice for most people to live with the ‘it won’t happen to me’ mentality. That type of mindset is a critical mistake when it comes to personnel security. The security and well-being of your employees, customers, congregation, student population, etc. is your responsibility, and one that you should take seriously. Most of our recommendations are easily implemented, and could make a profound difference in your organizations security footprint.


360 Degree Assessment

Our premier multi-dimensional 360 Degree Security Threat Assessment is designed for elevated risk environments.

FAST Assessment

Our quick turnaround FAST Security Threat Assessment is designed for moderate risk environments.

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