The Beckstrom Group


Excellence and Expertise


Terry Beckstrom

Founder & CEO


Terry Beckstrom founded The Beckstrom Group with one goal in mind, to change the way that people see the world.

Terry spent twenty-five years with the U.S. Department of Justice (DEA) as a special agent and supervisory special agent, investigating international criminal organizations at the highest levels. Terry held domestic assignments in the Atlanta and Miami Field Divisions, and completed TDY assignments in the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. Terry enjoyed a highly successful and distinguished career, which included stints of dignitary protection, international counter-smuggling operations, and an assignment to the FBI investigating counter-terrorism following 9/11. Terry also conducted international operations with Scotland Yard and MI-6, as well as joint military operations with the U.S. Army and Coast Guard. 

Terry is a recognized trainer and speaker in a multitude of disciplines, and has trained thousands of individuals over the years domestically and internationally, including federal, state and local law enforcement, and military personnel, to include special forces operators. Terry has also spoken and trained at corporate events, safe school conferences, bank AML conferences, as well as numerous schools and universities. Terry has developed and delivered training programs which include: Security, nonverbal communication, situational awareness, threat recognition, interview and interrogation, HUMIT, interdiction operations, behavioral recognition and criminal behavioral profiling. Terry served on the IRS SAR Committee, the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Committee, and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board. Terry finished his career leading an award-winning task force group, recognized as one of the most successful operations groups in DEA history. 

Terry received his undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina, attended graduate school at Florida International University and holds certificates in executive leadership and advanced negotiations from Cornell University and Harvard Law School respectively. Terry is the author of two acclaimed books, Spoken Silently, The Art and Practice of Reading People, and LiveSafe, A Practical Guide to Personal and Family Security. Terry has also written numerous published articles on topics including: corporate security, personal security, school and college campus security, leadership and nonverbal communication.